Daily Schedule

7.30 - 9.30 Yoga


10.30 - 13.30 workshop with international guest artist

lunch/break/explore/lecture demonstrations

18.00 - 20.00 Kalaripayattu


Kalaripayattu is said to be the oldest existing martial art form in the world. Originating in Kerala, it is a mind-body discipline with a very structured training method. Exercises involve repeating sinuous and rigorous sequences with high jumps and low postures influenced by animal stances, using every part of the body and all senses. A master practitioner (Guru) directs the students through the exercises with verbal commands.

Kalaripayattu encompasses Ayurvedic herbal treatments as well as a system of body massage called Uzhichil. The massage is done using specially medicated oil which is thought to enhance circulation of the blood, rejuvenate the muscles and nervous system, remove excess fat, and make the body supple in preparation for training and combat.

At DISHA, participants will have ten days of intensive Kalaripayattu training by local masters. Through a specially-tailored Kalaripayattu syllabus for performers, we will develop not only physical strength and skills, but also experience the mental/spiritual benefits of this incredible martial art which has developed over hundreds of years.

Towards Vivencia - Jorge Crecis

Towards Vivencia is designed to equip participants with strength, stamina, and resilience of both body and mind, directed at tuning performance presence. It is a practice and training methodology aimed at locating and replicating the state of consciousness associated with an individual’s peak performance. This programme has been created not to only be current, but also to lead the way at the forefront of the 21st century performing arts scene.

Drawing from competitive sport and by utilising factors such as exhaustion, spontaneity and chance, participants will be forced to act in the moment, triggering a unique state of mindful awareness. Consequently, participants will be pushed to exercise the key element of any performance: peak states of mind.

The ethos of this class is to create an environment where the concept of performance presence is central to everything we do. Participants will be challenged to find their purpose, you will feel exhausted and re-energised, confronted and liberated, you will adapt and discover…

For more information:http://jorgecrecis.com/?page_id=44

Workshop - Lali Ayguadé Farró

The workshop structure is flexible, but the objective clear: study the concept of transformation through physicality. We begin with a technical class (warm-up and sequences) to prepare the body and the mind for the class challenges. After, Lali works with improvisation based on specific tasks, and she directs a personal and choreographic research aiming at discovering new paths for the physicality. The objective of the workshop is to learn how to use the floor when moving, emphasizing the work on the feet as a base and a support for the movement; identify where the weight is and where to find the freedom in our movements through phrases and improvisations. Also studying rhythm and voice, we investigate how we can reach a theatrical physicality.


Daily yoga instruction by local teachers. Class will be to offered as a way to (re)channel energy and strength in preparation for other movement classes of the day. Take this time to integrate, breathe, and ground.